Synchronizing your data in Genius Insight

Have you lost all your data? Don’t worry, it’s stored securely on the Genius Cloud. Here’s how to get it all back.

If you log out of your Genius Insight account, the next time you log in, you will need to reload all of your data (client records, libraries, history). This is called synchronizing your data and it is done by clicking on the double arrow icon at the top right of your client record screen.

Click on the double arrow icon to synchronize all your data when you log in to Genius Insight

Approving the developer on Apple iOS

When you first install Genius Insight on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad), you will get an ‘Untrusted Developer’ alert. In order to be able to open the app, you first need to go to your device Settings>General>Device Management and trust Possibility Wave LLC.

You will then be able to open and use the app.

The untrusted developer alert