Here are some of the unique features that the Genius Insight app offers

Create unlimited client records

Create a personal datasheet for each client or family member and save it to a secure, dedicated cloud server so you can easily retrieve details for the next session. All your records can be saved to the cloud and synchronized on multiple devices when you connect to your Genius Insight account.

Voice and image scans

Genius Insight scans your unique voice imprint after a short recording, as well as running a spectral analysis of your photo, to deliver detailed quantum biofeedback results on the body’s reactivity to frequency stimuli. These scans allow Genius to provide you with an immediate overview of your health and well-being through hundreds of energetic parameters.

Easy to read results

The Genius Insight app displays all your scan results on a single screen, with the option to open an easy-to-read accordeon menu or display a section on a full screen. All parameters can be clicked for more detail.

Create your own frequencies and remedies

Our advanced archetypal encoding technology allows you to create your own frequency libraries to test or rebalance your energy fields. Create a personal neuroremedy based on a voice or sound recording or add unlimited frequencies to your app using our simple library functions.

Print or email your results

Save or share user results using a wireless printer or email, allowing you to keep a physical record of past sessions and progress.

Expand the possibilities with accessories

Our unique Geo electrode harness, using Flower of Life contact plates, and our Chartres labyrinth imprinter givze you additional options to improve balancing and add frequencies to your personal Genius database. Note: the Geo electrode harness is FREE with your licence when you order on this site.