Next generation mobile biofeedback analysis and therapy

Monitor and rebalance essential parameters of your body’s energies and improve your health and well-being

Simpler, more intuitive analysis and rebalancing of your body’s energy field

  • Provides you with a complete energy scan based on your unique voice signature
  • Compares your personal voice and image signature and with thousands of signatures and frequencies in the Genius database
  • Identifies potential imbalances and disorders in all aspects of your physical and mental well-being to provide you with focused rebalancing options to restore harmony in your body’s energy field
Advanced features for a powerful, innovative experience

Advanced features for a powerful, innovative experience

- Deep, complex assessment of your voice signature, compared to thousands of energetic frequencies in the Genius software database
- Brand new ‘binaural beat’ signals that help the body absorb rebalancing frequencies, - Endless expansion possibilities thanks to the ability to interact and share libraries with the user and practitioner community.

Genius Insight opens up countless new horizons in quantum energy analysis and therapy for both practitioners and home users.

Easy to understand results

Easy to understand results

Using patented voice analysis algorithms, Genius Insight allows you to identify weaknesses and imbalances in your energy field. Your unique voice signature is compared to thousands of energetic signatures ranging from herbs, emotions, homeopathics, virus activity, auric field disturbances, chakras & acupuncture imbalances, just to name a few.

Analysis results are displayed in easy to read charts and graphs with a numerical value scoring system.

Try it free for two weeks

Try it free for two weeks

We believe it’s essential for you to try before you buy, that’s why we offer you a fully functional two week trial of Genius Insight with absolutely no obligation. Just click on your software version below and download the free trial now.

Try it out on yourself, your friends, your family, your clients and see for yourself how surprisingly powerful this app can be.

Instant results on over 30 panels

Run an energy scan in seconds and display the results in three categories: Mind, Body and Biofield. Each categories contains numerous parameters to give you detailed information about every aspect of your health and well-being. Easy accordeon menus let you delve deeper into each family of parameters, and drag and drop functions allow you to select the parameters to rebalance. Learn more.

Compatibility: Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) from iOS 13+ and Android devices from Android 6+. Please note this compatibility is subject to change depending on evolution in the operating systems. For best results, please install Genius Insight on the most recent device possible.

  • Easy to follow in-app tutorial and support interface
  • Create unlimited custom frequency libraries
  • All your data securely saved to the cloud
  • Free updates forever
  • Unlimited lifetime licence
  • Free electrode harness with purchase on this site


Learn more about the many analysis and rebalancing tools available to you in the Genius Insight app.


Discover a selection of different purchase options available to you, including bundles for home users and practitioners.

Training & manual

Learn how to get the most out of Genius with our easy-to-follow training videos and manual.


Expand the capabilities of the Genius Insight app with the Geo harness and Chartres imprinter.

Download the Genius Insight app now and try it FREE for two weeks!

Genius Insight is designed for practitioners

Genius Insight is designed for practitioners

A powerful tool to help you provide a unique service in your practice, designed for the professional who needs to save and manage multiple client records securely, perform in-depth exploration and review historical data.

In addition, the Insight Quanta Capsule allows you to send healing frequencies direcytly to your clients on their mobile device, so they can continue their therapy at home.

Genius Insight is ideal for home users

Genius Insight is ideal for home users

An easy-to-use and practical app that you can take anywhere for immediate analysis and balancing, ensuring you always have a personal health device with you.

The holistic and non-invasive approach of the Genius Insight app will delight all users who are looking for an alternative means to monitor and improve their health and well-being, in line with today’s trends towards energy healing.

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