Insight Quanta Capsule

Receive your therapy at home

Insight Quanta Capsule

Receive energy balancing therapy from your Genius Insight practitioner at home on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, whenever you need it.

Simple and convenient

  • Install the Insight Quanta Capsule on your device
  • Record your voice and take a photo, both are automatically uploaded to the server for your practitioner to access and scan
  • Receive your therapeutic frequencies from your practitioner by email
  • Load the frequencies onto your device
  • Run your therapy session at home or on the go, whenever you feel like it, for up to ten days

How it works

The Insight Quanta Capsule is a standalone app that you install on your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet, which enable you to consult with your Genius Insight practitioner without having to leave your home.

Step 1: If you are unable to visit your practitioner for whatever reason, you can now record your voice sample using the Capsule app, take a photo of yourself, and send these directly to your practitioner so he/she can scan them, just as if you were in their practice.

Step 2: Your practitioner then downloads and scans your voice recording and photo, runs the Genius Insight scan and analyis, and can then immediately send you rebalancing frequencies based on the analysis results.

Step 3: You receive an email with a unique code which allows you to import the frequencies into your Capsule app. You can then run your rebalancing sessions whenever you want, in the comfort of your home, or even on the go. The frequencies you download into your Capsule app will last for a week, before they expire in readiness for the next batch from your practitioner.

In short, with the Insight Quanta Capsule you can receive personalized therapy from your practitioner without having to go and see them for each session. It’s an easy and practical tool to maintain your therapy.

Your Insight Quanta Capsule licence is valid for life, you can receive as many frequency packs as you like. Each pack is valid for seven days before it expires.

Buying and installing your Insight Quanta Capsule

  1. Download the app directly from the Appstore or Google Play on the links below or by searching for ‘Insight Quanta’.
  2. Open the app and register. The app is free for five days, after that you will need to purchase your licence, which you can do below. We will automatically activate your app permanently once you have purchased your licence.
  3. Once your practitioner sends you a therapy pack, you will receive an email with another code to download the pack. Just go into the app’s menu (top right corner) and click on Import Genie Quanta. Copy your pack code into the dialog box.
  4. Your frequencies will then be loaded into your Quanta app. Select a duration for your therapy session using the slider at the bottom of your screen, and start your therapy session.

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Video tutorials

User tutorial – How to send your voice recording and photo to your practitioner
User tutorial – How to import the healing frequencies your practitioner sends you
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