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If you haven’t already done so, you can download your app(s) from the links below. Please note you should download the app directly to your device.

Note to Apple iOS users: you should disable ‘desktop version’ in Safari before downloading to your device. Once installed, you will also need to approve the developer before being able to open Genius Inisght or Odyssey, since they are not distributed via the Appstore. To do this go to your device Settings > General > Device Management and trust Possibility Wave LLC.

Please note that each app below requires a separate licence. Depending on your purchase of either a single app or a bundle, you will either have unlimited or trial access to each app when you download it. In case of doubt, please email us.

If you have purchased any hardware (or if this is included in your bundle), this will be sent to you shortly.

Genius Insight installation links

Rife app

Rife frequencies app installation links

Water Harmonizer

Water Harmonizer app installation links

Insight Quanta Capsule

Insight Quanta Capsule app installation links

Odyssey app installation links